The Journalist

I Love..

God-Jesus-My Family-My pets-The Beach-
Beach Breezes-Hugging-Carnations-

I Favor...

Thunderstorms-Poetic sentences-
Labrador Retrievers-Rabbits-Good Books-
Watermelon-Flip-flops- Hot Green-
Toe Socks
Ballet-The 1950's-Ice cream-

I Have...

Never been out of the U.S-
Four adopted siblings-A Rabbit named Mocha-
Been very prone to hiccups since the womb-
Brown eyes-A dog that sings-
Lived in the same house all my life-
Parents who built our house, literally-
A dream to go on world travels

I Believe...

 Abortion is murder to the innocent-
 Marriage is between a man and a woman-
Jesus Christ is God's Son and that he died for our sins